Soubois: Where Gastronomy Meets Nightlife Magic in Montreal

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Market: Supperclub


    • Commercial Control
    • Audio
    • Lighting
    • Acoustic

Soubois Supperclub, nestled in the heart of downtown Montreal, is a hidden gem that has captured the imaginations of its customers. With its unique blend of culinary artistry and nightlife exuberance, it has become an icon in the city's vibrant dining and entertainment scene.

Bright and delicious in the evening, obscure and mysterious at night, the underground forest known as Soubois offers the best of both worlds to newcomers and initiated alike. Before midnight, she offers a unique culinary experience taking you off the beaten path across land and sea, by way of its kitchen overflowing with the freshest produce around. And once the sun gives way to the night, the festivities of the forest begin as she transforms, dances, and erupts.

The interior is a masterful fusion of rustic and modern design elements, featuring an array of tree trunks, intricate woodwork, and lush greenery, creating an atmosphere that's simultaneously cozy and chic.

With the setting sun, the ambiance shifts from culinary excellence to a pulsating nightlife club. The underground forest transforms into a realm of music, dance, and celebration.

The venue hosts an array of local and international DJs. It's a place where you can experience the magic of the Montreal nightlife scene.

Photography by Patricia Brochu