Hotel Microsoft Team and Zoom Room

Moog Audio Pro is a global leader in technology integration and audiovisual solution provision. As partners with Microsoft Teams Rooms, we are dedicated to providing a seamless and user-friendly experience to all business sectors.

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Video Conference and Collaborations System

Collaborative space, Multipurpose space, Presentation System

LED Screen Display and Video Wall

LED Screen, IPTV, Video Wall, Mapping Video

Lighting and Photometry

LED Lighting, Architectural Lighting, General Lighting, Motorized Projector, Special effects, DEL Creatives, Control, Photometrie

Coworking Areas

Companies around the globe are exploring innovative methods to enhance office environments and accommodate employees' preferred work styles. Focus on employee comfort and wellness by optimizing lighting, acoustics, and camera setups in these collaborative areas.

Versatile Work Environments 

The era of static and solitary workspaces is fading. Partner with Moog Audio Pro to guarantee that your adaptable work areas are outfitted with flexible audiovisual systems. These systems are designed to meet the evolving requirements of your team, as well as the needs of your visiting partners and clients.

Modern Meeting Rooms

Today's conference rooms often involve a mix of in-person and remote participants, including employees and clients. Subpar visuals and sound quality can hinder the effectiveness of your meetings. Ensure a high-quality conferencing experience with Moog Audio Pro's advanced AV solutions, keeping every participant engaged and connected from start to finish.

Presentations System

Elevate your business communications with Moog Audio Pro's cutting-edge presentation systems. Our solutions offer crystal-clear audio and sharp visuals, ensuring your message is delivered effectively. Ideal for any setting, from boardrooms to auditoriums, our systems are designed for impact, simplicity, and versatility.