Stillife MTL: One of Montreal's Trendiest Cocktail Bars

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Market: Bar/Nightclub


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Montreal, known for its vibrant nightlife, is a city that offers something for everyone. Whether you're into trendy cocktail bars, live music venues, or cozy speakeasies, you're sure to find a spot that suits your taste. If you're seeking an unforgettable night out in the city, look no further than STILLIFE MTL Bar. Nestled in the heart of Old Montreal, STILLIFE MTL is more than just a bar; it's an experience that combines art, mixology, and a welcoming atmosphere. 

The bar's exterior is unassuming, with a modest sign that might make you walk right by if you didn't know it was there. However, once you step inside, you'll be transported to a world of chic elegance.

The interior of STILLIFE MTL is a carefully curated blend of contemporary and vintage design elements. Exposed brick walls, dim lighting, and plush seating create a cozy and intimate atmosphere that encourages conversations and relaxation. 

What sets STILLIFE MTL apart from many other bars is its dedication to live music and events. The bar frequently hosts live performances, featuring both local and touring artists. The stage, although small, creates an intimate setting for live music, allowing the audience to connect with the performers on a personal level.

Whether you're seeking a romantic date night, a chill hangout with friends, or a unique spot to vibe to music, STILLIFE MTL has something special to offer.