Fiorellino Restaurants: Delicious Italian Bistro Locations

Location: All Quebec branches
Market: Restaurant/Café


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Fiorellino, a culinary gem in Montreal's thriving food scene, enchants patrons across three locations with its authentic Italian charm. The menu, a culinary journey through Italy, showcases masterfully crafted dishes using fresh, high-quality ingredients. From artisanal pasta to wood-fired pizzas, each creation reflects a commitment to culinary excellence. The warm and stylish decor enhances the dining experience and invites guests to savour the essence of Italy in the heart of Montreal.

Fiorellino Downtown Fiorellino Snack Bar - Ristorante | Meeting Planner

Fiorellino Outremont  

Fiorellino Notre-DameFiorellino Notre-Dame Restaurant - Montréal, , QC | OpenTable

Images credit: Patricia Brochu/Fiorellino

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