Le Molière par Mousso: French Brasserie In Montreal

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Market: Restaurant/Café


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Whether it’s pre-show or afterwards, a delicious dining experience awaits you and your party. Operated by Jean Pilote, the former owner of Il Teatro and Capitole de Québec in Quebec City, this new French brasserie-style destination is a welcome addition to the restaurants that are located near Espace St-Denis.

Antonin Mousseau-Rivard, gastronomic director, is behind the fine cuisine menu at Molière. With Molière, he returns to his first love: French cuisine and its tasty dishes like onion soup, scallops and foie gras.

Le Molière’s doors is open to one and all. Whether it’s part of a night out in combination with a performance at Espace St-Denis or for a stand-alone meal, no matter!  LE MOLIÈRE - LE MOLIÈRE - PAR MOUSSO LE MOLIÈRE - LE MOLIÈRE - PAR MOUSSO Le Molière - Espace St-DenisPhotographs: Le Molière par Mousso

Visit Le Molière par Mousso's website HERE for more info.